MANGO TREE Opens @ Elements Shopping Mall

Mango Tree opened its second outlet in Hong Kong at the Elements shopping mall a year after the successful operation of its first outlet in Causeway Bay. The new outlet occupies a floor space of 6,000 square feet which can seat up to 150 diners including two private rooms with a 270 degree stunning view of the Victoria Harbour. The principle of “4D Dining” concept are followed : Apart from offering “Delicious” cuisine, it combines artistic “Design”, attention to “Details” and masterful “Dedication”.
Upholding Mango Tree’s tradition and prestige, Mango Tree Hong Kong is dedicated to maintaining authenticity and sophistication in its cuisine, environment and services. Using only the best and freshest ingredients, organic herbs and spices, authentic Thai dishes are prepared with an artful balance of 3 harmonious flavors – Sweet, Sour and Spicy. 
The new outlet also introduces a number of specially designed Thai cocktails, some of the creations including Lychee Smash, Watermelon Pop, Jasmine Belle, Mango Lim and Lemongrass Mojito. Mango Tree’s menu brings together the best of all four regions of Thailand: Northern, Northeastern, Southern, and Central Thailand. Signature dishes including Yellow Curry CrabTom Yam Goong and Sticky Rice with Mango, new dishes were added on the menu, such as Deep Fried Soft Shell Crabs, Thai Shrimp Toasts, Lobster and Galangal Soup, Fresh Garoupa Wrapped in Banana LeafBaby Pork Ribs and Roasted Cod Fish Curry.
The Thai restaurant at Elements pays homage to the Mango Tree, with a pure contemporary reinterpretation of structure, finish and texture. Multiple wooden stripes in light color scheme rise at the entrance are disguised as the mango trees, yet with a contemporary touch. This bold and eye-catching design creates a welcoming atmosphere while marking the beginning of a journey towards a mango grove. Traversing the hallway, a huge wall image with a blend of Thai element and artistic flair are dsaiplyed. The teak wood flooring, coupled with the suspended wooden feature lighting and woven feature wall in the bar lounge area highlighting the traditional Thai architectural elements and intricate craftsmanship. A gigantic wooden installation with hanging bulbs mimicking a mango tree stands still in the main dining area, and becomes the focal point. The wooden branches extend throughout the ceiling and create a sense of a nature within a cityscape. Diners can enjoy the romance and relaxation of having an authentic Thai dining experience under a treetop.
<Steamed Pumpkin Custard> -Thai pumpkin steamed with egg yolk,
coconut sugar, milk and banana leaves. 
<Candied Banana with Coconut Ice-cream> Half ripe bananas cooked in coconut sugar and milk over a slow heat. Served with coconut ice cream.
 <Sticky Rice with Mango> The special breed of mango from Central Thailand (Naam Dok Mai in Thai: Naam means water and Dok Mai means flower. Naam Dok Mai is sour when it’s raw but sweet when ripe, and has the aroma of jasmine) is paired with soft and chewy sticky rice. Sprinkled with a dash of salt and refreshing coconut milk, this dessert is the perfect end to a true Thai cuisine experience.

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