ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG’s Evolutionary Journey

ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG hosted an Exhibition namely “ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG’s Evolutionary Journey” at the Harbour City Atrium recently showcasing standard wirebags with single color to multiple-colored 3D wirebags. Izumi Ogino, The Creative Director of the brand happened to find out a material used for eyewear straps in Bologna, Northern Italy. She used the material to knit a bag with the futuristic and flexible materials of wire cords. Emphasize in simplicity, functional elegance and style, the Standard Wirebag is a unique bag dressing in variation of hue and shape, from season to season. Up till now, there are over 100 colours and 600 styles developed ever since its debut in 1998. 
Two designers flied all the way from headquarter in Italy to Hong Kong to present the outstanding and exclusive knitting technique to the public. An initial concept and design of a Wirebag takes about 2 weeks for the designers. Then it takes another 4-6 weeks to turn the sketch into sample and 12 weeks for the whole design process and sampling, some style even requires longer development time. This proves the heartfelt commitment of the craftsmanship of designers and artisans. The brand invited renowned Bloggers Cindy Ko, Eleanor Yeung, Elle Lee with media friends to acquire and experience the unique knitting skills of a Wirebag key chain.
The exhibition presents 3 main types of weaving techniques for Wirebag, including KnittingWeaving, and Intarsia. One of the highlights are definitely the Anteprima x Hello Kitty Wirebags and latest SS13 doggie Wirebags feature unique knitting technique that gives a vivid 3D effect to the iconic character and it takes around 50 hours and 70 hours to produce the small and big-sized Kitty bag respectively.
To celebrate the grand opening of the Anteprima Wirebag store at shop 2414, Harbour City, an enormous golden Wirebag specially shipped from Milan, which is the magnified version of our debut Wirebag and is showcased at the venue as well. It weighs 15 kg and measures 1.97 meter high x 1.5 meter wide. The shimmering wire cord is made of the exact material as with the regular wirebags except that it is two times the ordinary width and it is finished with the iconic ANTEPRIMA logo ring.
The interior design of the brand new ANTEPRIMA Wirebag store in Harbour City displays utmost elegance by using light beige to match with the renowned colorful and Wirebags. The latest collection, available in diverse styles and colours, are now in store for customers’ preview and order. The shimmering icon bags are always women’s best friend to have and hold.

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