The Grandmasters 一代宗師

To some, who are new and have not been watching any of the film director Wong Kar-Wai movies may not be able to understand the messages that he likes to deliver through the created characters. Hence, they may have to watch the same film for another time in order to understand the essence of the well written scripts with the hints of the powerful messages. Some watch it for the second of third time to admire his art direction philosophy and skills with a certainly style that he created won many recognition since. Not only because of that, some may rather find it hard to digest Wong's style of the way he presents his movies by projecting a simple love story with complications, that was indeed the main story line for most of his previous films including the latest <The Grandmasters>.
Wong are known for his slow production or changing of scripts on the spot and prolong the production with over budgets in order to produce the most anticipated films for his followers ever.<The Grandmasters> took more than a decade for research of the different martial arts style and belongings and took years to make. The effort are rather heart-stirring!
Besides, his ravishing beauty of the cinematography is what always become the most talk-about subject of the way he executed it. This time, Christopher Doyle is no longer part of the game plan but Philippe Le Sourd <Seven Pounds> & < A Good Year> filled in the position identifying the next level of his direction of photography. Wong's movie soundtrack is also another successful selling point for the post movie release. The journey continues since < In the Mood For love> & <2046> with composer Shigeru Umebayashi. 
Wong packaged his film well with lots of definite impact after the movie release, in regards to the positive or the negative responds. By making a most talking point for thousands of his audiences is where success bring him to live by making more slow production films that counts.

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  1. I hope this movie arrives fast in Brazil! I love al the movies he does!