Giorgio Armani @ Crema Nera Extrema

Giorgio Armani Skincare offers the ultimate skin perfection from within. A promise to fight against all signs of aging. A perfection that women can see, touch and feel. It  dedicates its most precious, effective, silky and exclusive skincare to the most demanding women. The latest product Crema Nera Extrema embodies the quintessence of his skincare line. Nature is the source of ultimate perfection, and miracles of life offer unparalleled power and efficiency. It is by decoding nature’s most powerful secrets that Giorgio Armani Skincare was born.
There are four essential elements, guided by the hand of the Maestro to benefit the modern, sophisticated Armani woman. <PERFECTION> is a promise for skin perfection from within to fight against all signs of ageing. A perfection that women can see, touch and feel. <SIMPLICITY & EFFICIENCY> rituals based only on what is essential for the skin with one objective: instant gratification and long lasting effects. <NATURAL> understanding nature’s most powerful secrets as well as skin’s innate biological mechanisms that decrease with aging and <COMFORT> melt the ingredients that, until now, had never been joined, for incomparable and sensual textures. Called ‘paradoxal textures’, they combine apparently non-compatible skin’s benefits such as ‘nourishing and lifting at the same time’.

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