Armani Code Ultimate @ A Man. A Fragrance. A Story of Seduction

ARMANI CODE Ultimate new fragrance is magnetic, sensual and daring. His perfect figure stands out in the twilight. His dark eyes magnetize without revealing him and his aura electrifies like a voluptuous encounter. It is infused with virile subtlety, its accords stir the emotions, its elegant partition freely plays with modernity and its bold sensuality intrigues, attracts and fascinates.
With each fragrance, Giorgio Armani composes the multiple facets of masculine seduction. Today, a new chapter opens with Armani Code Ultimate. It is addictive, conquering and more intense. It arouses the senses, more concentrated and no one can resist. Its caress makes the body quiver andits scent ups the tension. Just before the fusion, it enraptures the body, invades the mind and she’s his.
The dangerous seduction doesn’t immediately give itself away. Like a cool, light breeze, grapefruit and mandarin notes illuminate the way. Sweet and aromatic star anise hints quickly reveal a more complex personality. The timeless elegance of cedar and cypress woods is enlivened by suave and powdery heliotrope accents. Sensuality mounts and starts to imbue the fragrance with a supple and resolutely modern leather note, before unfolding into a vibrant and addictive amber-woody accord which quickens the vanilla-tonka bean duo. Already present in Armani Code’s base, these two soft and captivating ingredients have been pushed up to excess to quell any resistance.
The quest for luxury and perfection goes one step further. Black remains but the cap and signature take on a pale gold color. Nothing ostentatious, a discreetly precious touch that illuminates the bottle and box with a new light.

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