VERO Chocolate Collection

VERO is an artisan chocolatier & patisserie driven by a sincere passion and dedicated pursuit of the world’s highest quality delicacies. From the provenance and grade of cacao, to each hand-selected ingredient, our philosophy is to raise awareness and appreciation through a passionate gastronomic experience. The Caramel Collection is delicately handcrafted using freshly made caramel with a premium dark chocolate blend, adding a touch of sea salt to create perfect balance.
The Traditional Collection features celebrated flavors and hand selected fresh ingredients from around the world. Includes: Vanilla Hazelnut, Ginger, Mediterranean fruit, Sherry and Hazelnut Cocoa.
The Chuao Collection is arguably the Queen of all chocolates. This prized single variety comes from Venezuela and is limited in production and availability. A symphony of flavors and aromatic profiles like no other.
Pure elegant chocolate squares that celebrate quality ingredients and sophisticated taste. 16 personalized premium chocolate squares customized with personalized designs. Perfect bite- sized square ideal for sharing amongst friends, family and other social gatherings. Square Collections has two tastes, including Signature Dark (70%) and Milk 36%.

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