The Twilight Saga ~ Breaking Dawn Part 2

FINALLY, this fifth and final chapter in the Gothic netherworld romance is all coming to and end and honestly, we can't wait to see it end. For the past couple of years, we have had enough from Edward & Bella , on or off screen. The darkness falls on the Twilight series is finally over and it is time to celebrate to see them both going separate ways in their career by making more interesting films than this. This feast of ripe dialogue and bloodsucking action wow the world but  we probably don't understand the popularity of the entire series carried on, perhaps we are no long a teenager anymore. A rousing 20-minute pseudo-finale may be a laugh for many but without that crucial 20 minutes action, there would be lots of rotten tomatoes to be seen on the gain screen for sure. The movie was poorly and oddly structured and struggles with pacing issues to keep the audience patiently watching the entire film without leaving the seat. From a dark Gothic vampire movie ( the first one made) superhero B class movie, you could possibly roll your eyes and laugh at all without any shame. From and not bad rated to OK and now one of the worst, it is surely a sloppy fun mess. Do we need a cartoon version of it?......NO!!!

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