BEPPU Introducing Bungo Beef @ Oita Prefecture

Beppu introduces the Bungo Beef and held an official launch to celebrate its arrival to Hong Kong recently. Bungo Beef is raised in Oita Prefecture in the beautiful nature of the rolling Kuju tablelands and Handa tablelands (designated national parks) at the base of the Kuju mountain range, often called the roof of Kyushu. it is recorded as the best beef in Japan and has a strong flavor and slender and balanced distribution of fat which gives you melting mouth feel.
Bungo Beef with a meat quality grade higher than Grade 3 is called “ The Oita Bungu-gyu” and stores that deal with it are certified and differentiated by the logo mark and sales promotion materials. Bungo Beef has even achieved good results in the 8th National Wagyu Ability Competitive Show in 2002, that won the Premier’s award for its top-ranking meat quality.
Bungo Beef Thigh, beef round, the sense of greasy could be well reduced after slightly grilled, while remains the strong flavor. Coupling with pork soup and Ramen, a delectable dish is created and provides the most pleasant gratification.
Oita cattle, grew up in Oita Prefecture with benefiting nature, has a long glorious history and achievements, regarded as the masterpiece of beef in Japan. With its upbringing in Oita prefecture, the meat quality of Bungo Beef is higher than grade 3, regarded as superior beef among the fleshly Japan Black Cattle. The balanced distribution of fat facilitates mouth melting, giving the most delicious beef and highest satisfaction to people.

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