OCEAN PARK @ First Novel Christmas Feast

OCEAN PARK introduces a Christmas feast featuring traditional Dutch, Finish and American Christmas cuisines for the first time with an authentic Western Christmas experience. Complementing the appearance of differently themed Santas, Ocean Park has designed its fir-ever set of cosplay plush toys with changeable clothes, featuring adorable penguin and panda animal ambassadors paired with the costumes of Holland, Finland and the United States. 
The newly introduced DIY cookie Set, packaged in recycle material, not only a novel ideal gift idea but also a fun activity for Christmas parties. With the now completed HK$5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP), it has earned Ocean Park prestigious international recognition.This year the park will be transformed into one giant Christmas Cosplay Party with Santas visiting from Holland, Finland and the United States uniquely themed Santa celebrating the festive season.
The menu includes the <Holland Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Squash Pickles> which is made in traditional Dutch style with Zucchinis, red bell pepper and pickled for two days. The sweet and sour taste of the pickles perfectly complements the savoury flavour of the bacon-wrapped asparagus. The appetiser <Finland Mixed Vegetable Soup with Smoked Salmon> made with smoked salmon, pickled cucumbers, beetroots, potatoes and apples.
There are 3 options for the main course, <Honey Glazed Ham with Baked Sweet Potato> which is prepared in the traditional American method using honey and butter. The <Finland Stuffed Christmas Turkey> uses different herbs and an abundance of sage for the stuffing, giving the turkey a unique flavour after roasting at a high temperature.
The <Finland Roast Pork Roll> is stuffed with prune, rosemary, ginger and onion that gives a unique taste for all palates. The multi-cultural feast concludes with <Holland Pastry Logs filled with Sweet Almond Paste> features almond paste and crushed almonds wrapped in puff pastry gives a soft on the inside and flaky on the outside.
In addition, a DIY Penguin Christmas House Dessert Class on 23rd, 25th-27th December is an excellent opportunity to spend time making dessert together for family. A self-designed Christmas dessert in the shape of a Western-styled house using cookies, chocolate, marshmallows and frosting sugar with the supervision of the chef on demonstrating how to make Christmas decorations in the shape of penguins and Christmas trees using flour and cookies.
"With guests from all over the world visiting Ocean park to celebrate Christmas, we specially developed dining and retail offerings themed on different cultures to offer everyone a rich Christmas ambience. We expect a new Christmas cuisines and retails merchandise to bring a 10% increase in in-park revenue during Christmas Sensation." Said Joseph Leung, Executive Director of Revenue.

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