<UNAPOLOGETIC> marks the 7th album for Rihanna with the uncensored topless album cover. The album is designed to engage our perception of her being a Pop Star and the Victim, and the source of its fascination is the dissonance between her and Chris Brown ( ex and present boy friend).Her miserable obsession with a man we know to be her abuser, flouts expectation of the traditional survivor's tale; we want to see a woman learn from that pain and leave it but not rut in it. From <Nobody's Business> featuring Chris Brown to <Numb> with Eminem may well be the one of Unapologetic's high points and let the world know that the love between them ain't nobody's business but better off MYOB. Fans of Rihana may still be hanging in this dark space with her (and Chris Brown). The album is as strong as <unapologetic> exudes a deep doomy and sadness contemplation. Other tracks the songs make for dull labor nothing much befitting Rihanna's talent.

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