GEORG JENSEN @ Launch of Archive Pieces Collection

GEORGE JENSEN for the first time staged a special preview at the flagship store in IFC Mall recently showcasing the Archive Pieces Collection launched worldwide with the all-time classic FUSION Collection and unveiled the new jewellery design in 2013.
The unique trend collection comprises of the never-before-produced pieces from the 1960s and 70s that perfectly encapsulate contemporary design sensibilities with a nostalgic nod to the past.
The refined elegance of nature's organic forms and most precious materials are melded with superior craftsmanship and cutting edge innovation to create the legendary Magic collection. Referencing Magic's signature tubular design and the season's historical references seen in fashion, the versatile filigree-like design of the Magic Showpiece Collection features on earrings and a statement ring 18kt. yellow gold tubular forms intertwine to create ornate swirls, embellished with lustrous pearls and diamonds that add a luxurious Turn of the Century feel to the collection.
The stunning simplicity of Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube's nature-inspired bracelets is manifested in sterling silver, set with polished black agate, cornelian or green agate; and Astrid Fog's exotic sterling silver bangle and neck ring hold cascading sterling silver droplets, which fall flamboyantly from polished elliptical silver.
The breathtaking beauty of nature resonates in the eye-catching examples of Georg Jensen's masterful craftsmanship. Each piece reflects Georg Jensen's enduring commitment to quality and form: Ibe Dahlquist's enchanting bangle gently wraps around the wrist, its open sterling silver form undulating on its orbit.

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