SWAROVSKI Crystal Christmas Tree Lights up @ Festival Walk

Swarovski joins hands with Festival Walk to present a sparkling effervescent Christmas with the tallest Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree in Hong Kong delighting the glamorous, festive ambiance. The 21-metre (70-foot) high Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree is the highest in Hong Kong and is inspired by the pleasure of gift giving for our beloved ones. 
Incorporating fashion jewelleries for the first time, the tree is adorned with heart-shaped jewellery boxes filled with the new Swarovski Christmas Jewellery Collection, providing the most surprising and romantic gift ideas and creating a more striking look. The majestic tree is clad in over a million Swarovski crystals and star-shaped ornaments from Austria. On the treetop is the giant crystal star modeled after the 2012 Christmas ornament, making the tree even more eye-catching. Under the tree are also heart-shaped jewellery boxes brimming with an array of sparkling jewelleries, creating the most resplendent and festive photo-taking spot for you and your beloved ones.

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