Hermès @ Time in Motion

Hermès celebrated the launch of the first in-house “Manufacture” movement timepieces at an exclusive dinner party in Macau recently, mylifestylenews reports live. We were firstly invited to Macau Tower to discover the latest 2012 Hermès watch series - new Arceau Ecuyère ladies’ watch collection and Dressage watch collection. Both series are equipped with “Manufacture” movement showing the finest craftsmanship. An interactive installation allowed us to take a closer look at the beauty of each timepiece by pulling down the magnifying glasses.
Two limited editions were specially introduced: 100-piece limited edition Arceau Ecuyère rose gold version with diamonds were made to celebrate the watchmaking centenary of the House and 175-piece limited edition Dressage watch in matt graphite dial and alligator strap were made in reference to the 175 years of the House.
After the watch tour and presentation, we were then ushered into the theatre to view an exclusive dance performance entitled Time in Motion. Hermès discovered this enchanting composition which vividly embodies its title - and has been specially created for the launch of the new Arceau Ecuyère watches and Dressage watches. Hermès offered a journey into the mysteries of time with Time in Motion with time suspended, dream line, universal and cosmic time, time for shared emotion brought forth by art.
Time in Motion calls upon music, an art which simply could not exist without time: dance, the art of movement in space. And images, which exalt the infinite in both space and time. Playing within a rhythm based on other rhythms, choreographer David Drouard goes beyond simple illustration and makes time the very substance of the show.
 Leading the dancers through an exercise in precision, he measures them against the metronomic mechanics of the clavichord and the bass viola of Marin Marais, slips their steps through a continuous revolution around Philip Glass’s work on heavenly bodies, and gives in to the free-flowing energy, sensuality, frenzy and bestiality of Arvo Pärt’s score.
 With the beautiful and strong movements and rhythm of the dancers still pulsating in the our minds, a line of orange motorcycles was full gear in motion leading the way through Macau Bridge towards Banyan Tree Macau where the dinner was held. 
 This photo is 100 years old. The Hermès family is on holiday. Emile’s daughters belong to the fourth generation since the creation of the company by Thierry Hermès in 1837. They are posing with a mischievous air. Jacqueline, the second in line, is wearing a “porteoignon” on her wrist, or in other words, a pocket watch with a clever system that holds it in place on a leather strap. The leather comes from the company workshops. It is the very first Hermès wristwatch.
We were warmly greeted by Luc Perramond, CEO of La Montre Hermès; Patrick Abaladejo, Director for Strategy and Image of Hermès International, Daniel Talens, Managing Director of La Montre Hermès Pacific, Florian Craen, Regional Managing Director of Hermès North Asia; Elsa Rameau, Managing Director of Hermès, Hong Kong & Macau with delightful jazz music in the joyful moment of Hermès-time.

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