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Kelly Rowlandfour-time Grammy Award winner and singer turned worldwide watch brand ambassador for Watch company TW Steel and designed 2 special edition timepieces for him and for her in rose gold and croc embossed  chronograph watches. Rowland talks to mylifestylenews on her collaboration with the brand and how she came up with such design during her recent visit in Hong Kong to officiate the brand's launch celebration......
It was all started when I saw a TW Steel watch which belongs to a friend of mine, I like the watch when I first saw it and I took it from him and put it on. I can't resist to take it off and became a fan before I even met up with Jordy Cobelens, TW Steel CEO.
When Jordy presented a TW Steel watch for me after we met, we had some very brief discussion as in what kind of watches and style I really like in a watch. It was very organic, we were then talked a bout having a collaboration back in December.
I love to make a statement when it comes to designing a watch, it has to match your own lifestyle. I love luxury and yet it has to be affordable and with good quality. TW Steel watches has what it takes , it is not only matches my lifestyle and it has also has a style of its own.
I always like big watches, it looks cool on women. It is empowering to me and I like the weight on it.
Pink and blue are my favorite colors and I chose these two colors to add a more feminine touch into the design. I also like blink blink and therefore they were 56 stunning zirconia baguettes in either pink or blue in both watches finished with rose gold and croc-print straps.
Those are the additional elements I add on the design as the brand integrity was already there. Especially in pink, it is very sexy. And now, TW Steel Watches we have found each other.   
Kelly Rowland casually sports her TW Steel CE4006 chronograph watch with rose gold plated case, pink dial, pink zirconia baguettes and matching Italian leather croc embossed strap.
I simply love how they look and they are both exciting and stylish which was my goal all along.
When I design, I design style not trend, creating a style of its own will make it more personal and has a longer and lasting life span.
Women who wears TW Steel Watches are bold and with great confidence and has a style of her own.
Time to me is precious and I take full advantage of it.
My Favorite possession is my home, my family and the blessing that I have. My own home of course and I wish I could spend more time in it due to my busy schedule which incurred in a lot of moving around.
My ideal way of a living lifestyle is one day at a time and enjoy every minute out of it. Having what I got and loving what I do is already a great blessing and that makes a real ideal lifestyle for me.
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* Special thanks to QNM Communications @ interview arrangements.

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