The Hobbit ~ An Unexpected Journey

Fans of  <The Lord of The Rings> after the trilogy which paused in a couple of years back can sure thirst the quencher for <The Hobbit Unexpected Journey>. Peter Jackson's return to Middle-earth with the earnest, visually resplendent trip in deliberate pace robs the material of some of its majesty.To no surprise and the formulated execution, this journey by far is quite expected. Besides, it is merely the first passage of a trilogy and it seems it would take quite long just to get to the middle of Middle Earth. Dreadfully understood, coming for the commercial point of view, the trilogy will be on going for the next 10 years in the making. Poor Gandalf, will he make it through for the next two sequel? The film looks familiar and totally predictable following the previous success of <The Lord of The Rings> trilogy. The original tale from the book was a slender, simple journey where Bilbo leaves the comfort of his hobbit-hole in the sunny Shire to join Gandalf and the dwarfs on a quest to slay a dragon and reclaim its golden hoard with adventure along the way. The film drag it so long for an obvious reason, Jackson shall have wrapped it since he completed his previous trilogy. Perhaps this genre is what is could do best and his previous movies <The Lovely Bones> & <King Kong> wasn't receive any good responds but the epic genre is more to his cup of tea.

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