《Sammi Cheng x Cartier》

Canton Pop Singer and fashion icon Sammi Cheng interprets Cartier's core message "Trinity. All about you forever" capturing Cheng' character and philosophy of life. Cheng participated in a photo shoot wearing the latest Trinity jewellery sharing the six dominant traits of her personality , , ,<Interllectual>, and which serve to provide a new spin on the three intertwined circles of Trinity. Each portrait of Cheng was presented with a reflective edge - like a shadow, symbolising that beyond a person's appearance lies her innermost beliefs and character.

With her ever-changing sense of style in music and fashion, Cheng is a charismatic character both on and off stage, with a unique view of life. Daring to spread the word of Jesus, Cheng transforms gospel songs into pop music, demonstrating her creative nature and adventurous spirit, she is a caring and intellectual woman, able to overcome the challenges that life presents; for her obstacle are motivation to push forward and ultimately achieve greater success and satisfaction in her work and life. When she performs, she is glamorous and self-confident, captivating fans with her charm and magnetism. A stylish image of the three intertwined gold circles of trinity atop a fingerprint highlighted the theme of the collection: a unique pieces of jewellery that represents who you are, you Trinity stories.

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