《Ray Of Light @ MOISELLE FW2011》

 MOISELLE launched its new FW2011 Collection entitled “Ray of Light”  and held a fashion show with models presented 67 looks.Total of 9 groups with 6 to 15 outfits each to represent different intervals of a day. Models going in and out from the giant ‘M’ installation at the unique four-sided stage center, with special lighting effects, leading the guest to experience the dramatic flow of light.
 There are colors and lights evolve around the dramatic variations of daylight, interlacing into an amusing montage of urban life, inspired MOISELLE to compose a beautifully arranged “Ray of Light” for the new collection. Fleeting moments of metropolitan are recreated through the innovative combinations of palette, fabrics, cuttings and accessories, with a touch of the key elements of MOISELLE - “Cool, Glam, Lux.”.
“Ray of Light” is divided into nine chapters, each represent a 2-hour interval. Those individual yet connecting chapters develop the complete collection of “design spectrums”. It displays the glamour of high fashion while keeping in mind the styling needs of women in different occasions.

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