《Charm Club Colllection @ Thomas Sabo 2011》

“Girls just want to have fun”: with a timeless Pop song in your ear, a fabulous new chiffon dress and the perfect nail polish colour – and it’s off to the party with the girls. Whether your chosen one can dance is clearly revealed to any admirer on the dance floor using the “Yes” or “No” Charms!  
On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Charm Club Collection launch, some of the most popular THOMAS SABO Charms have dressed up in colourful garb. It’s time for Pop! So, clear the stage for a colourful and cheerful Charm Club anniversary show with cute little must-haves that will become magical companions the moment they start dangling from your personally-designed Charm bracelet. Lips, Pop stars, beating hearts and heart-shaped glasses perfectly round off the Charm bracelets worn by all those disco queens.

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