ANTERPRIMA @ FW2011/12 Hong Kong Fashion Show

Mystic Beauty is the theme for ANTERPRIMA FW2011/12's Theme. It is a rendezvous within the magnificent forest, traces of her mysterious allure denotes splendor. They are like the dark fairy from the wood, their movements are fluid and beautiful, their mind bold and daring as she moves around in the dark. The richness and grandeur of nature reinterpreted through soft and sculptural silhouettes in compact fine wool knitwear and doppio jersey. The metaphor of the forest intensified through materials that are abundant in texture, boucle, baby alpaca tweed and honeycomb construction to portray greater intensity and depth.
The lustrous hi-tech blouse and soft tailoring jacket, fluid and straight dresses, pants cut straight or wide resembling those from a gentleman’s wardrobe all created as a contrast and yet to complement. The colors of blu notte, tones of gray and latte with a tint of olive, bordeaux and pavone to warm the winter nights.
The shoes are with hidden details in the shades of falling leaves embrace an androgynous style with well-defined feminine charm. The wire clutches in mink, cavallino and feathers adding together a certain softness and elegance.


  1. Amazing ! The fashion show seems to be great one and i can see that you people enjoyed lot there...I am feeling envious. I missed it guys :((.

  2. Dear Vintage Ring,

    Indeed it was a good show. We try to share we we think best to our reader. Do stay tuned and follow us by email and you will receive our latest news from time to time. It is free!