It is hilarious!!!! A well casted roles played by many mature actors that brought out the best in each of the characters they played. Lots of well written scripts by Kristen Wiig and perhaps there were too much for her to juggle when comes to acting, she didn't really outshine herself on the role that she played comparing to many others co-actors who really stand out. There were some dull moments in the middle of the film as it became too draggy, especially there weren't much background music or effect and make the film even slower, just a little. With Wilson Phillips finale appearance was no doubt a surprise but that were happen before for where Mike Tyson sang terribly on stage. Fans of Phillips will definitely fall for that. Girls want to get married should go watch it, Women already married must go watch it, Men going to get married or already married, you go watch it and find out more what women can really without your presence.

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