《AIGLE @ FW2011》

AIGLE FW2011 collections launches it Boyfriend Boot and pays tribute to their 150 year-old heritage by presenting truly french-inspired style in their latest collection. Gaining inspiration from outdoor activities like sailing and horseback riding, the collection is a mixture of military vintage looks with a touch of nature. Based on the style and versatility of a masculine wardrobe, AIGLE creates a stylish, comfortable and natural boyfriend look for women. Being the first Boyfriend Boots by AIGLE, the Aiglentine is the Wellington boot you do not want to be without this season.
The Boyfriend Boot brought men’s wardrobe for women to create a stylish, comfortable and chic boyfriend look. Bomber sweater with multi-pocket pants and Sublime riding boots, the military touches are key elements in this season. Parkas, quilted jackets, capes and the first-ever Aiglentine boots provide the ultimate comfort and protection to women under all weather conditions.
For him, AIGLE rearranged its design to focus on the brand’s core values, the collection is a presentation of heritage and style. The iconic water-resistant leather boots and parkas, together with a wide variety of fashionable and functional items, exhibit the brand’s precious fashion expertise.

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