《Cowboys And Aliens》

Cowboys and Aliens. WHAT?? Yes, it is Cowboys and aliens. You are darn right. What you see is what you read, no complication. At first, we were like "come on, how could that possible?, it is a totally a different era and it has nothing to do with each other" Oh well, it is Hollywood and it is Dreamworks and it makes thing happen to your least expectation. Do we like it? NO. Does that have any kind of affiliation in between human and aliens? Not quite. Does it work? Not our cup or tea. Simply it is just a fiction leads you to a another world of beyond your "human" imagination (the not so intelligent way, perhaps too intelligent and got fooled by it). Human vs aliens Vs futuristic technology = a good steak + ketchup + fanciful dressing. The only consolation in this film, you may find it entertaining, in some regards. 

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