LACOSTE introduces its first ever collection of male fragrances, inspired by one of the world’s most famous pieces of clothing, the LACOSTE L.12.12 polo shirt.  Designed in 1927 by the tennis legend himself, René Lacoste, this renowned garment was celebrated by fellow tennis champions for the elegant simplicity of its design and the freedom of movement the petit piqué fabric gave its wearer. It was an audacious offering that would forever change the way sportswear was designed, and has since become a fashion staple of men’s wardrobes the world over thanks to its chic simplicity.  The shirt known as the L.12.12 took time and dedication to create, as its cryptic name testifies. L stands for Lacoste, 1 is a reference to the unique fabric (cotton petit piqué) and 2 means short sleeved. The second 12 relates to the number of prototypes that had to be produced until René Lacoste was happy with the result, giving a unique insight into the champion’s sense of perfectionism and hands-on approach to design.  Now, for the first time, LACOSTE has captured the essence of this timeless classic in a collection of three new fragrances: Eau de Lacoste L.12.12.  
Available globally in three masculine scents – Blanc, Bleu and Vert – all capture the feeling of lightness, coolness and freshness the petit piqué fabric gave René Lacoste when he wore it, and each is adorned with the now legendary crocodile logo that was inspired by the tenacious champion’s nickname.

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