《dunhill CUSTOM New Signature Fragrance》

dunhill CUSTOM is the new signature fragrance is the first initiative from dunhill to appeal to the connoisseur and features breakthrough innovation with a cap that can be customised. The scent is expertly balanced with distinctively subtle notes of wood and spice that, just like well cut clothes, make it feel tailor-made. With over 100 years of experience in the world of luxury, Alfred Dunhill's history is sprinkled with exquisite products made to the specification of its most discerning patrons.  This experience and heritage is upheld by the dunhill Bespoke (Custom) tailoring service and now with its new signature fragrance. 
The Scent is Distinctive and expertly balanced, dunhill Custom reflects dunhill’s own brand philosophy of stylish, masculine, sophistication and understated luxury built on tradition.The crisp freshness of quintessentially English Pippin apple, in the top note makes it timeless and classic. This harmonises perfectly with the intrigue and subtle sparkle of Spicy Black Pepper at its heart. Finally, the unquestionably masculine base of warm Cedarwood and incense creates an elegantly, assertive fragrance. The attention to detail applied, as if the fragrance is perfectly tailored to the individual, sets its wearer apart with sophistication and elegance. 


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