When it comes to Thai Horror movies, there are always fans around the world wanted to have at least a glimpse of what is going on in each of the film and the language is never a barrier. The latest "Laddaland" has quenched the thirst of many die hard fans since some good old classics were released. We acknowledged that the Thai's family union and bonding are strong and almost all their films are related to the family tie no matter what genre. "Laddaland" has no exception and even more scarier when comes to the "crime scene" turning into a haunted scenario. There were some real good scenes that planned out really well and quite spooky, if you were to take a leak as an excuse (only that you dare to walk to the cinema's bathroom alone whilst you are in the middle of an horror film, your choice). Mind the ending may be too simplified despite Thai movies fan always expect an alternative and somewhat shocking ending but this one may lead to a little disappointment. A murder has begun to kick off the film but will it be the major source to get carried away or they are actually has more? You go find out and tell us!!!

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