Upper Modern Bistro Presents New Creative Chef de Cuisine Julien Cadiou And Introducing New Summer Menu

One never needs an excuse to return to a favourite bistro especially when there is a new Chef on board and new comer means new excitement. New Creative Chef De Cuisine, Julien Cadiou helms the kitchen with an impressive resume and most importantly, added some fresh ideas to the already most frequented Sunday brunch around the neighborhood. By mylifestylenews.

The weekend brunch has become an institution for many hard working food lovers; and for some, it can also be attractive because of the additional special offer of the alcohol free-flow. The Upper Modern Bistro, meets all the criteria, but likes to do things differently. The new add-ons to the superbly curated Sunday brunch menu that is structured to cater to a wide variety of tastes rather than providing a buffet to gorge on, there is a menu that will leave you sated, but not exploding at the seams, plus it includes a gorgeous glass of French champagne from one of the boutique houses.

Upper Modern Bistro has a dining room ambience that is classy in a relaxed way thanks to the superb plate presentation, simple table settings, very attentive and knowledgeable staff and unquestionably high quality ingredients at every step of your culinary journey. They structure this brunch menu in three parts: multiple plates to share, one choice of mains each, and either a cheese plate or dessert plate which have plenty of variety to add a flourish to the tail end of your experience. On the surface you may think it is not that extensive, but trust us, you will feel more than replete at the conclusion and the HK$390 per person in unbelievable for such quality.

It is time to get acquainted with some of their favorite again. The sharing section has quite an emphasis on seafood, but some delicious bites to be had. As the brunch comes with a glass of champagne, we have to highlight the superb drop that is poured, under the label of Nicolas Deneux no less – the restaurant groups Chief Sommelier. This is a complex, medium-bodied champagne that punches way above its weight and is an absolute steal when compared to more famous labels.

<Normandy Oyster with Ponzu Marinade>
Decent size of Normandy oysters, briny yet beautifully meaty and juicy and well paired with the Ponzu Marinade.

<Foie Gras Crème Brulee>
One of the bistro’s classic must haves, as it is super delicious. This all time favorite dish is rather and inventive creation, creamy and rich with a strong discernible flavor that one normally savors.

<Marinated Bigeye Tuna with Citrus Mayonnaise>
Small mouth full bite size thin sliced and lightly seared Bigeye Tuna comes with the tangy citrus mayonnaise. A great combination of flavors and less is certainly more.

<Avocado Guacamole with Salmon Roe & Crispy Squid with Black Sesame and Lime Dip>
Homemade creamy avodaco with the right hint of lime done in an artisanal way accompanied by the super small bites of beautifully deep fired of crispy Squid with a crunch. The black sesame sauce easily to liven up the mouth with the right balance giving the ‘yin and yang’ effect and you decide which one goes best.

<Mini Truffled Croque- Monsieur> 
A perfect miniature version of the French style of ham and cheese on toast, simplicity is best with the right ingredients used.

<Salmon Gravlax with Watermelon Radish and Wasabi Cream>
Lilliputian in size and a refreshing and delectable palate before the main course brought to the table.

So far so good and while we had plenty of room left for the next two sections, these sharing plates are well judged in portion, as they will have you salivating over every last bite.The mains are presented with larger compositions, but also no less delectable.

<Atlantic Cod with Sauteed Vegetables and Coconut and Curry Sauce>
This “Fish of the Day” was cooked in a rather Thai style curry that works quite well. With such a mild flavoured cut of fish and is not overpowering but unctuous and delicious.

<Alaskan Terriyaki Salmon with King Crab and Mashed Potato>
Despite the crab meat was buried by the big chuck of Salmon, yet it is a still fresh and sweet in taste. The Terriyaki sauce dominated the slowed cooked salmon with the right perfection in taste.

<Roasted 88 Days Free Range Chicken, with Pearl Barley Risotto and Black Truffle Sauce>
This melt in your mouth chicken is simply delicious and the pearl barley risotto is a touch of genius to add a more savoury flavor and texture to the rich chicken and aromatic truffle sauce as well as the Comte cheese and mushrooms in the risotto was much appreciated. A must order.

<Confit Iberico Pork Cheek with Tandoori and Orange sauce with Spatzle and Carrot>
A triumph of ingredients with the addition of orange in the sauce is a key component that we loved. The Iberico pork cheek absorbed all the flavor from the Tandoori sauce and cooked to perfection. Another superb dish.

A dessert plate wasn’t needed, but this is always the hardest part of a dining experience to ignore and so we didn’t skip and opted for the pastries selection to finish with some fragrant tea. The plate consisted of: Peach Sorbet, Strawberry Glazed Éclair with Mixed Berries, Caramel Pudding, Milk Chocolate Ganache Tart with mango flavor and layered with apricot jelly and milkcomb, Chocolate Savarin Crouton Biscuit with praline crème, Simple Mixed Berry Crispy Meringue, White Chocolate Mousse Cake with mandarin crème and Mini Chocolate Cup cake. A marathon of a dessert plate, but it showed such a diversity of ingredients and touching all the fabulous rich French dessert flavours that were perfectly executed.

In case you have never been to the Upper Modern Bistro, you have to try their cheese plates. The variety and quality of cheese is second to none (it helps when your owner and managers are French and love their home grown produce). There are three different sizes of plates to choose from, it is all depends on how many chesses you wish to enjoy. We sampled the Brillat Savarin, Buche de gers, Pave de la Ginstarie, Saint Marcellin, Melleux du Revard, Comte Exceptionelle, Soumaintrain and Roquefort. So many contrasting palates to be found with these cheeses and this cheese plate could be a meal in itself, with every cheese in peak condition and ready to be savoured with every crumbly bite.

As brunches go, we feel this one can’t be beat, even if we had either the cheese or dessert plate (not both). You leave feeling quite replete and knowing that the amount and variety of dishes is beyond expectations and gives a new meaning to grazing, rather than just plundering those soul-less buffets that all begin to look the same. Enjoyment is the key and you will not fail to enjoy yourself in such an ambience on a quiet street with lots of natural light flooding in. Don’t hesitate to book a table as Upper Modern Bistro is there to please.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

Foie Gras Crème Brulee
Roasted 88 Days Free Range Chicken, with Pearl Barley Risotto and Black Truffle Sauce
Selection of Premium Cheese

6-14 Upper Station Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2517 0977

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