Ray-Ban Presents New Communication Ad Campaign #Ittakescourage

Ray-Ban presents its new communication campaign #Ittakescourage. The communication campaign, shot in L.A. by photographer Mark Seliger, features a series of eight unique creatives focusing on the brand’s DNA: the courage to be yourself. That courage that is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it, that is not just physical bravery but is what pushes people to face their fears and to go beyond their limits. Ray-Ban Optical in DO YOUR PART and the courage to make a positive contribution to the world even when
it’s tough.

Ray-Ban Liteforce Wayfarer in FACE YOUR FEARS
The courage to acknowledge your fears and take them head on. The protagonists of these shots are people that are being courageous, because they are being brave to be imperfect, thus fighting against the society and its stereotypes, they go beyond their limits and are brave to express and expose themselves, their talents, their emotions.

 Ray-Ban Clubround Optical and Sun Styles in OPEN YOUR HEART
The courage to be vulnerable in the name of love in all its forms. They have the courage to take decisions or to stand up for what is right, to act in accordance with their beliefs, in spite of criticism. All of them are being brave in their way - you just do not have to jump from a plane with a parachute to be courageous.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer in PUSH YOURSELF
The courage to persevere in order for dreams, desires and goals come to fruition. This #Ittakescourage campaign also lives on social media and on, where users will be inspired and encouraged to be courageous.

Ray-Ban Metal Optical in START NEW
The courage to embrace change and leave your comfort zone in order to live the life you want. For instance, for encouraging people to open their hearts, Ray-Ban will create a social experiment to witness two people meet for the first time and ask each other a series of questions, which increase in depth of emotion until they are finally asked to just hold each other’s stare for a full 4 minutes. Or again, as it takes courage to say ‘sorry’ Ray-Ban will investigate if a single ‘sorry’ can make things that are broken whole again by reuniting a critic and the criticized in order to break a plate together symbolizing a break from past.

Ray-Ban Round Optical Style in UNPLUG
The courage to ditch the screen and interact in the real world. This is to encourage people to unplug Ray-Ban will document an international group of digital influencers and send them to a location that has every modern amenity save for the internet and document them as they go from plugged in to unplugged.

Ray-Ban Aviator Gradient Flash Lenses in FIGHT PERFECTION
The courage to reject society’s stereotypes and be who you truly are.

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