Olé Introduces New Spanish Oceanic Delicacies To Celebrate Its 18th Anniversary

What is there not to like about the flavours of Spanish food? Olé Restaurant in Central, Hong Kong is a testament to the longevity of such love. mylifestylenews returns to this authentic Spanish restaurant to celebrate its 18th anniversary and savor its latest summer introduction menu with an emphasis on seafood. They do say absence makes the heart, and taste buds in this case, grow fonder!. But somehow after trying new items, the food seems taste even better than before.

The place was packed by 8pm and this is not a very uncommon scene at Olé as regulars do come back for what suits them by its Spanish comfort food as well as its attentive service with passion. Not forgetting the new introduction of their Summer menu highlighting mucho seafood items which some are now become the evergreen and signature dishes on the menu by Executive Chef Jesus Pascual.

7 new maritime treasures are introduced and among them are some of the rarest Spanish seafood delicacies in Hong Kong. Before we hit the to the “sea”, we had to start off whetting the appetite with the classic and delicious <Padrons Peppers>, the hint of the light heat (almost to non) from the pepper mixed with salt was the right teaser for our palate.

Billy Hayat, Olé General Manager insisted we also try a plate of 48 months <Spanish Iberico Ham “Joselito Gran Reserva> and Olé is the first in Hong Kong to have introduced 'Joselito Gran Reserva”, the best of all Spanish jamons. Joselito Gran Reserva is known to be optimal in both fat distribution and thickness which resembles a layer of snowflakes visually, with a strong and lasting aroma as it disperses from one taste bud to another.

Delightful Padrons Peppers

This very lean and sweetly flavoured meat was an absolute treat, Hayat explained that the sweetness comes from the pigs eating acorns and a round of applause for that, because such fodder really adds to the overall deliciousness and the production quality of Joselito Gran Reserva remains very high and stable through the years.

The <Basque-Style Spider Crabs “Txangurro” > is exclusive to Olé among restaurants in Hong Kong. This is another hit whether you like crab or not, the combination of brandy, carrots, olive oil, garlic, lemons and leek creates a sauce that is to die for especially comes with the spot on presentation.

<Deep-Fried Baby Sardines> from the Mediterranean are simplicity personified and the flavors are left to speak for themselves with a dip of the homemade bell pepper sauce on the side.

Olé ‘s <Gambas al Ajillo> are not to be missed. Fresh shrimps are stir-fried with olive oil, garlic slices and onion before heated in traditional Spanish terracotta pots. The olive oil of this dish still sizzles upon serving as it graces the table with the alluring scent of fresh shrimps and garlic. The dish is always one of the highlights for any visit in Olé with such authentic gastronomy.

<Deep Fried Cuttlefish> is another new addition to the summer menu. Deliciously deep fried to the right temperature and remains its chewy texture. The aioli butter dipping would certainly spice it up to your liking.

The <Galician Goose Barnacles> otherwise known as the “King of Spanish seafood” wil challenge your guts to savor its natural sweetness taste from its pulled out flesh. The barnacles are absolutely fresh catch and flown in from the Spanish coastline and new to Hong Kong connoisseurs.

<Red Prawns, Codfish Maw and Clams Juicy Rice Casserole> is a classic dish that is created with Spanish red prawns from its juice. By adding cod fish maw, butter, lemon juisce, coriander and squid over bomba rice, such a rich combination delivers utterly delicious flavors that are to be savored.

The chunky yet tender <Atlantic King Fish Fillet Flame-Grilled with Fresh Herbs and Lemon Crust> are excellent choices that showcase of Chef Pascual’s keen sense and natural talent for fish dishes. Given that the addition of potatoes, cherry tomatoes, garlic tomatoes, chopped peppers and chopped onion complete a superb dish that has something for everyone.

The pan-fired soft and silky <Red Mullet Fillet “Ajoarriero” and Rock Fish and Sea Urchin Sauce> comes with potatoes and cabbage was another surprise hit for the night. What makes this dish so successful is the sum of ingredients: pepper, capsicum, onion, tomato, garlic, all chopped finely and slow cooked until very soft and then added on top of the fish and roasted with the addition of sea urchin broth on the plate. This creates a ‘WOW’ effect on the palate that you will surely remember.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5

Gambas al Ajillo
Basque-Style Spider Crabs “Txangurro”
Red Prawns, Codfish Maw and Clams Juicy Rice Casserole

1/F Shun Ho Tower
24-30 Ice House Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2537 8856

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