Japanese Eyewear Brand BOSTON CLUB Exudes The American Retro Aesthetics

Japanese handmade eyewear lovers will not be strange to Sabae city in Fukui, Japan, the home of handmade eyewear with centuries of history. It cultivates numerous top craftsmen who master the unparalleled Japanese traditional artisan. Beyond typical Japanese handmade glasses, BOSTON CLUB’s eyewear is world famous for its American retro design, which combines the Japanese traditional handcraftsmanship and the western classical aesthetics.

BOSTON CLUB was established at Sabae city in 1984. With decades of experience, BOSTON CLUB has nurtured a group of die-hard fans worldwide. This year, the brand redesigns the styles from 1983 and launches the 30th Anniversary Remade collection. This collection successfully infused the alloy with acetate to create the handmade art pieces with simple yet delicate designs and exceptional quality.

The remade collection comprises of 6 styles with 4-color choices for each model. The highlights among all should be the FISHER style and the WELDER style, which bring back the unique Writer style Flip-up design.

Unlike the Flip-up sunglasses, the Flip-up specs are rarely seen these days, which are popular in 1950s for its functional design that writers could easily flip-up the frame when they finished reading and writing. FISHER is inspired by the half metal cat eyed design while WELDER is based on the Wayfarer model, with the interesting flip-up design, both glasses can help you create the stylish look standing out from the crowd.

The other 4 styles are marvelous as well with the incredible vintage touch. MORRIS - the style with the pear shaped frame and metal nose bridge design. WESTON – classic metal round frame with retro pattern embossed. LOUIS – half metal frame with vintage wisdom.MORRIS II – plastic pear shaped frame bridged with metal temples.

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