The street, which has always been an observation point studied by Dolce&Gabbana, is now at the center of an artistic project aimed at the social media. Starting from May 6, people strolling down the sidewalks of four major cities, will have a chance to see original cartoon-style street graffiti. The smiling faces of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana with their pets - cats Zambia and Congo and the three Labradors Mimmo, Rosa and Totò will be portrayed on the streets of Milan, London, Paris and New York.

The creativity of this project comes to light is revealed through the amusing, ironic ecosustainable graffiti portraying the whole #DGfamily and reproduced one hundred times in each city. The drawings, which are temporary as they dissolve over a two-week period, are made with natural materials free of chemical additives or detergents.

The two eco-sustainable production techniques are called Green Graffiti and Reverse Graffiti. Green Graffiti uses a clay, chalk and cellulose mixture as a base that is completely natural and does not pollute. The design is painted using a stencil of the artwork. This first technique is used with the addition of seven colors, in the Italian city of Milan. Reverse Graffiti is made using water to clean dirt from surfaces and make the image emerge through the contrast of dirty and clean areas. This second technique is used in the French and UK capital, and New York. Starting on May 6th in London and Paris, May 9th in Milan and May 10th in New York, look for the #DGfamily graffiti that will be visible not only in shopping districts and tourist areas, but also in unexpected urban contexts.

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