PRADA SS2016 Men Collection

 PRADA Ss2016 Men Collection is the expression of an “Alternative Prada” thought, which draws inspiration from the concepts of “post-modest”, “post-industrial” and “post-pop art”. The concept of modest and that of luxury are investigated in a dialogue of contrasts and dichotomies.

The result is high impact pieces, with soft and simple silhouettes. The Prada man is sexy, more “human”, non-conformist and relaxed. The formal pieces are unstructured and lightened so that they suggest a new tendency of use.

Prada’s obsession for exploring the concept of the uniform is concentrated in this collection on work uniforms. The looks are dominated by a strong reference to the industrial world.

The details of the pieces, such as large belt loops, patch pockets and chain zips, the use of colours in the shades of grey, green, burgundy, brown, blue and black and of materials including lambswool and “tela divisa” (“uniform cloth”) underscore this research.

There is a high presence of jersey which is already glimpsed in the first looks, under shirts and knitwear, to gradually become more visible in the vests and in the T-shirts with an oversize fit and different types of neckline.

The female looks constructed from the minimalist shapes of a T-shirt, are more exaggerated and fun. The use of prints, more present in the women’s looks, is almost aggressive, deliberately “untidy”. Symbols, at times naïve at times full of complex meanings, dominate. The materials here include jersey and a very soft nylon alternated with leather and python, which is also printed and then painted by hand.

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