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You have to love fish before deciding to head to sen-ryo as daily imported fish from Japan is the highlight of this summer feast. As whitefish is seasonal and has always been considered more sophisticated, classic and luxurious, mylifestylenews explores this latest introduction of a varied selection of whitefish brought in by sen-ryo for a limited time of enjoyment.

Hong Kong people have always enjoyed Japanese food, especially salmon and tuna sashimi and sushi. But, in the eyes of traditional Japanese people, whitefish are more previous and rare. This summer, sen-ryo has prepared a fresh menu that includes a variety of cooking methods to give you a refreshing palate.

Whitefish are more active thus making the meat crisper and textured. The delicate and milder taste compared to other fishes also gives it a deeper character and to enhance the true flavours of each whitefish, sauces are specifically added and made for each dish can vary from Japanese soy sauces, salt, lemon vinagrettes, ginger and chives, sesames and more as different sauces will bring out the best of taste of each whitefish.

The Aomori Prefecture (The Goldeye Rockfish and Olive Flounder) is on the most northern end of Japan with the East Sea and Pacific Ocean on both sides. As Aomori lies on the intersection of the cold and warm water currents, the seas produce a wide variety of seafood which they are famous for.

The Golden Rockfish is one of nine famous types of fish available in the Aomori Prefecture. Delicate and sweet, the Golden Rockfish has a well-balance of oils which gives it a clean and smooth texture. With sushi and sashimi, the fresh flavours naturally burst out with every bite and with larger sized Golden Rockfishes, they are mostly salted and grilled.

The Olive Flounder, also known as Halibut or Flounder is considered a deep sea whitefish with its flat oval body and living on the seabed. Due to its active lifestyle, the meat is especially tender and crisp.

Normally, the Olive Flounder is skinned before serving, giving out a creamy translucent white color. Best tasted as the original Olive Flounder Sashimi, Thin Cut Olive Flounder Sashimi and Olive Flounder Sushi which best brings out its natural flavours.

Complementing the new menu are also four types of sake, each with their own unique flavours that helps enhance the true flavours of the fish to provide a true Japanese experience.

<Cream Cheese Hanpen>
Pancake style snack item with a rich salty flavor from such simple ingredients that whet the appetite. Another new introduction of the summer menu besides the whitefish.

<Thin Cut Olive Flounder Sashimi>
Great presentation and seem to be more of a western style dish a la gazpacho with rucola leaves inside a rolled slice of flounder sashimi. Beads of balsamic vinegar and rucola leaves create an influenced of Italian flavor. Finely sliced Shashimi to bring out the oils and delicate true flavours with each bite, it is very mild and pleasing on the palate.

<Deluxe Osusume Sashimi Platter>
This platter has five types of sashimi comes with an entire Goldeye Rockfish as center piece with a deluxe presentation.

<Oyster with Roe>
Simple and classic with grilled cheese on top, creating a rounded flavor on the palate.

<Goldeye Rockfish Cooked In Sauce>
One of our all time favorites. Made with a special traditional sauce and cooking method, the textures of the meat are fully enhanced. This could be a great dish, as the flesh tastes very good, but the temperature was not hot enough when it was brought to the table.

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Experience: 4/5

Thin Cut Olive Flounder Sashimi
Goldeye Rockfish Cooked In Sauce

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