Salvatore Ferragamo SS2016 Women Collection

 Salvatore Ferragamo SS2016 Women Collection is classic, timeless hence modern. Balance, moderation, harmony. Choosing clarity as a means of expression, Massimiliano Giornetti seeks pure forms in the new Salvatore Ferragamo collection.  The focus is on lines, the texture of the material to create a noble and solemn portrait, marked by a feeling of lightness and unexpected austerity.

The expertise and the supreme craftsmanship that are integral to the Florence maison are expressed in a synthesis that grounds and transfigures the past in a modern context. The vibrant and lofty silhouette features midi hems and transmits a sense of vertical delicacy. The long double cotton cloaks and strapless dress with floating volumes terminate in high frills. Small rounded jackets are sculptured like architectonic spaces.

The unequivocal female appeal of garments that envelop and knot around the body is ever present: bows are scattered along the profile of ample sleeves, ribbons lace-up on the back, all expressing a shy seductiveness.

The classic patchwork of Salvatore Ferragamo reveals supreme bartack creations that open tears like revelatory geometry, or graphic constructions that create large modular weaves on skirts and tops. Feathers and small ruffles unite in vertical lines on garments of impalpable liquidity, large frills follow the necklines, highlighting the shoulders.

The pliss is the rhythm that articulates and flows. Clean lines punctuate the quest for graceful and archetypal femininity, highlighted by large pearl earrings and by necklaces in essential shapes decorated with large pearls.

The classic framework suggests a vigorous and chromatic selection of materials. The star is cotton, with its dry and steady hand, along with impalpable silk. The colour palette centres on the extreme opposites of black and white, accentuated with touches of rust, blue, vermillion, pink and green.The accessories add a tone of lightness to the rigour, thanks to closed-toe sandals and low metal heels, small clean-designed shoulder bags and bucket bags that are enlivened by the cosmetic nuances of bubblegum pink, blue and bright yellow.

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