PINKO SS2016 Ad Campaign

 PINKO SS2016 Ad Campaign is about a woman in control of the situation and of her life, the way she dresses reflects every facet of her personality and of modern trends. Not according to a diktat but based on an ever-changing style: transverse, evolved, modern. More than real, it’s surreal. She is contemporary, ironic, feminine, sensual. Real, in a very personal way.

She expresses herself by creating a dialogue between inside and outside. Her essence and her appearance only exist together, in a flawless exchange that creates her style. Her beauty comes from movement: her body, the way she moves through life, and the materials in the collection. Fringes, leather, lace, pleats and laser cuts: 3D elements that overlap and contrast, representing in material form the temperament of the complex modern woman.

She’s ultra-feminine, in the slinky silhouette of a pencil skirt. She’s romantic, in a flurry of ruches and layers enveloping her like a never-ending thought. Elegant, in the barely-there chiffon that folds gently around her body.

She’s also inspired by the male wardrobe, but reinterprets its everyday formality with the subtle irony of a surrealist painter: a suit, yes, in the form of shorts. “Ceci n’est pas une pomme". She explores ideas according to her mood: vintage rock, martial, folk, ladylike or teen-a-like. She’s one, she’s one hundred thousand.

She changes shape, like the set on a publicity shoot. A dreamlike jungle, surreal, which characterises the graphic context and captures the spirit of a contemporary trend that takes a new look at nature. On the one hand it’s more intimate, like the blooming of an inner garden, and on the other it’s universal, calling us to meet our responsibility to the planet. The imaginary space of the SurReal Pinko Woman is one where everything’s possible. Where nature becomes a thought, and thought sculpts the shape of nature. It’s the reality of the everyday experience of a woman who merges harmoniously with the dream of fashion. This is her natural habitat: because she’s a new species. A brand-new, unique creature.

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