Silver Linings Playbook

<Silver Linings Playbook> may have puzzled many others for knowing what it actually means before watching the film. The truth is everyone needs a break through the clouds and find the silver linings to get overed the past and begin with a new prosper starts especially when life doesn't always go according to plan. The film won Jennifer Lawrence her first Oscar for best actress and Bradley Cooper being nominated for best actor. The couple were adorable with their indisputable performances. With veteran actors Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver and the blown up Chris Tucker as the supporting casts gave even more sparks in the movie. The film is delightful, funny, entertaining and full of laughter. There were complicated life created for the characters striving to begin with their uncomplicated new adventure. The first half of the movie was rather unpredictable with characters being executed to the audiences that wanting to find out who is actually the "good guy" and the "bad guy" before everything neatly felt into places when the movie gradually coming to an end with the typical Hollywood style's ending. Cooper's other role as one of the executive producers for  this film despite his nominated role for best actor didn't win him an Oscar, but his performance have proven to the audiences that he can really act besides just a heartthrob pretty face. There were a few great scenes and plots really show the talents of the actors on how they portrayed their roles so lively and adequately well played.

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