<AMOUR> is an towering performances and unflinching script from Michael Haneke represents an honest, heart wrenching depiction of deep love and responsibility. This masterpiece is about life, death, love and everything in between. Another classic film noir by Haneke mystery love stories about two elderly French couple in their final days where their bond of love is severely tested. The film begins with a rewinding to a past moment and then moving forward in time to return to the present. The film is powerfully handled and will have your heart slowly fragmented into little pieces by witnessing a situation that demonstrates the tragic inevitability of life. Haneke's impeccable and meticulous compositions is steadily framing with harmoniously arranged people and objects. A true Haneke style always comes with perplexed, shocking scenes and brutality. A jolt of violence from <Amour> is unavoidable. There were numerous classical pieces were played including Schubert's impromptu (Op.90,No.1) to convey a mood or idea when the story developed. The impeccable performances of Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Tringtignant were rather moving. <Amour> certainly adds on to another masterpiece of Haneke's films ever made. We can't help but to ask among ourselves "What would you do when you witnessing a great love, a long time companion slowly fade away?" Haneke may not have the best answer for you but through his film <AMOUR>, it could be a way of making mirrors to us all.

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