SWATCH @ Matryoshka Mother's Day Watch

Swatch has created a lovely Mother's Day gift ~ a set of five nested Matryoshka dolls with three Swatch watches hidden inside inspired by te Russian folkore. Three is the magic number of these famous Russian dolls, which tell the story of three generations of women: a mother, her daughter, and her grand-daughter, each one nested within her own mother. Swatch's Matryoshka Mother's Day surprise re-tells the story in a new way. The nested set of five dolls has three pretty girls hidden inside, each with a Swatch watch wrapped around her waist ~ a New Gent, a Gent and a Lady. A bright, colourful floral design sweeps from the surface of all three watches to the costumes worn by each of the dolls. The pattern takes its name from one of Russia's most famous songs, "Kalinka Malinka," which compares a pretty girl to snowberries and raspberries. The Swatch Matryoshka Collection is a limited edition of 6,000 pieces.


  1. how can i get it? i love those watches

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      You may get them from The Swatch store worldwide.