Deanie Ip @ Sing For You

Really?!! At the first glance, the album cover does look as though another outmoded singer from the Philippines. Honestly, the album cover design wasn't that alluring to create the desire of owning an album as such, the stylist were to blame. Nonetheless, this compilation is a good way to get to know many of Ip's previous radio hit tracks from her earlier years with her unique singing style and career. There are plenty of good tracks to recollect some real good memories from the golden era in the Hong Kong music scenes while Ip was at her peak. Ip made a come back from her previous film <A Simple Life> which won her numerous international and local film awards and this compilation was released weeks before her recent solo concert held in Hong Kong recently. It is indeed a  perfect timing for her fans to run through their favorite songs and possible to sing a long with Ip in live. The compilation consists of Three CD's of most of her previous hits and a concert live recording CD in 2002 and a DVD MV featuring somewhat the best of its nostalgic acts. Ip's unique vocal bright out her best in the recording but when comes to her concert live performance, we can't help but wonder why Ip twist around the pre-arranged ordinary tunes and sing in a such a way that defeat the beauty of the original tune. It was rather an annoyance.

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