Zero Dark Thirty

From a woman point of view seeing one of the most masculine visions and making it to the giant screen, there is no one but Kathryn Bigelow, the previous Oscar winner for her previous film <The Hurt Locker> and her heroic debut <K-19> more than a decade ago. <Zero Dark Thirty> continues her controversial yet most manly hunt intelligence and military operations with the usual violence and the vicarious pleasure of sadism. The formidable producer & director Bigelow has no fear showing her audience on how cruel one can be in the killing field for survival. Watching the film, you may feel awash with information and becoming part of the team. With the 9/11 revisited opening audiotape dialogue, it did haunt many of us into the day with retrievable mindset of panic and grief. Despite this film didn't win Bigelow any academy but her talent has shown her how great a female filmmaker like her could make such a polemical  and suspense dramatic film. We have our hats off to you Ms. Bigelow.

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