GOTYE @ Making Mirrors

Despite this album was released in 2011 and Gotye's alternative electric pop-rock music still going strong. This Belgian-born Australian singer/musician with a Portuguese look and an unique stage name Gotye ( pronounced as goat-ee-ay) always misheard as the known fashion designer Gaultier. Walter De Backer (Gotye's real name) who sang forcefully and made bold pop hits with intelligent grown-up themes intriguing. The interlude <Making Mirrors> is a good slow start, an abstract song with interesting sounds and a few words. You may begin to find out what exactly this singer/musician could offer and yet not being fallen into what exactly the music genre Gotye is trying to project to his audience before you completely finish listening to the entire album and knowing what the rest of the album is in store. <Somebody That I Used To Know> is certainly an instant favorite and  fun to sing along. this has also testified the importance of his music which achieved successfully in many countries top charts smash hit. If one music can make you get up and dance,sing along blissfully and press the repeat button. This would certainly be the music that worth playing more than just once. <Smoke & Mirrors> expects lots of percussion instrumental sounds from samples, synth, drums and organ. Others includes plenty of raw sounds from Turkish drums, West African thumb pianos ans an instrument called the Winton Musical Fence (an actual fence in the Australian outback outside of Queensland). <Making Mirrors> recorded mostly in the big barn in Australia and the music variation are widely ranged and ingenious, it is certainly one of the best albums of the year that not to be missed.

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