My Favorite SK 關淑怡

 SK Shirley Kwan ~ the name may not easily occurred to many post 80's or post 90's despite her recent rumours reflecting in her private life. But Kwan surely was one of the biggest names in the music scene in the 80's and 90's for many of her albums and hit tracks won her numerous awards and recognition for her bold and unique vocal especially some real good remixed tracks fanatically played by renown DJs in the club.<My Favorite SK> compilation 3 DVDs + DVD covers almost her entire music path while she was at her peak. A real good collection of songs testifying Kwan's prime moments making her a gentle re-entry back to the music scene and held a couple of her very own solo concert in Hong Kong recently by popular demand. Disc 1 consists of Kwan's earlier singing career with a fraction of her raw vocal where dics 2 & 3are her prime disco fever hits album selection and a couple of duets with Anthony Wong, Alan Tam, The Grasshopper and other renown singers and groups in the 90's. The DVD records some of Kwan's best live performance while she received some of the acclaimed awards in various music awards presentation. Fans of Kwan will certainly be grateful for such compilation released to re-collect some great twinkling times they had have in their past. 

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