Jean Paul Gaultier New Fragrance @ LE BEAU MALE

Jean Paul Gaultier latest male fragrance <Le Beau Male> is the Apollo who makes everyone melt. Eighteen years ago, “Le Male” irreversibly shook up the world of perfume by introducing an unprecedented masculine archetype: the sensual sailor with a soft heart. In keeping with the sharpness of his own view of our era and its cravings, the spirit of “Why not ?”, Jean Paul Gaultier is now transforming the third millennium into ‘a freshness that makes men hot’. Like a frozen drop that makes an incandescent body shiver with delight, the fragrance stimulates the senses and reveals the erotic potential of every man.
Francis Kurkdjian, the ingenious creator of the “Le Male” fragrance, could rise to the challenge of composing this new freshness by Gaultier said : “I really wanted to reclaim ownership of the formula. Preserving the original structure and unfolding of accords while stretching the note to the maximum. The redefinition of lavender that characterises “Le Male” remains, but the oriental facet has been toned down in <LE BEAU MALE> to make room for skin-caressing sensuality.   
The power of freshness comes from Mint : Wet, cold and freshness. Identified in antiquity as a formidable sexual stimulant, bring out an icy mint effect. Lavender - Manipulated in every facet of freshness, lavender maintains its role as the backbone of the fragrance. Musks: A newly added in Le Beau Male, the palpable sensuality of the musky base creates a freshness that makes men hot. Orange blossom and clary sage accents give the fragrance a boost of fresh feeling.
The iconic metal can is dressed in magnetic ice blue on which <LE BEAU MALE> shows through. Handwritten in the steam, the name preludes the heat of the thermal shock it provokes. Streaming down behind the letters, water droplets foreshadow intense freshness, a warning of the frosty torso-shaped bottle to come. The bottle illustrates the intensity of the contrast. Sparkling white emits a luscious succulence struck by the penetrating power of frosted blue stripes.

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