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La Prairie newest member of the elite Power team: Cellular Power Serum is your daily virtual bodyguard against aging.  The sophisticated science behind Cellular Power Serum combines a revolutionary new Defense Fortifying Complex with the acclaimed Cellular Power Complex to deliver unprecedented performance, empowering the skin to reclaim its optimal equilibrium, youth and beauty.  Developed to satiate consumer demand for a “daily dose of power,” Cellular Power Serum joins the ranks of fellow power players Cellular Power Infusion and Cellular Power Charge Night.
Cellular Power Serum truly allows your skin to strengthen its natural defenses against free radical threats while acting as a battery supplying energy to your cells to repair existing damage.  Utilizing a natural anti-oxidant defense network, your skin works in four phases to combat oxidative stress:
1. Sensing oxidative stress 
2. Protecting by scavenging free radicals before they can cause damage 
3. Restoring oxidized molecules such as proteins and DNA 
4. Eliminating irreversibly damaged molecules from the skin.
In synergy with the natural anti-oxidant defense network are bio-sensors that act as an alarm system, detecting incoming harm from free radicals to the skin.  When the skin is young, the sensors function at an optimal level, but as we age, the sensor system no longer works to capacity.  We have relied mostly on topical anti-oxidants to fight the fight alongside our natural defense network against free radicals, and ultimately, against aging… until now.
Cellular Power Serum acts as a daily dose of power, energy and defense for skin, tapping into the skin’s natural anti-oxidant “self-defense” network to activate the defense line and helping support it so that it remains in a constant state of “alert” and can function optimally.  Essentially, Cellular Power Serum supplies your cells with a first line of defense and protection delivered with a boost of energy imploring your cells to combat oxidative stress and act as it did when it was younger.
The Cellular Power trifecta started with Cellular Power Infusion, a revolutionary 4-week treatment booster to ensure skin never looks its age again.  As a result of 3 patent-pending bio-technologies, Cellular Power Infusion communicates simultaneously to 3 dimensions of the skin that affect aging: energy, cells and tissue.  By securing a continuous supply of energy to the cellular powerhouses, also known as mitochondria, rebuilding skin tissue, and protecting epidermal stem cells, Cellular Power Infusion was the first statement of the leading line of specialists at La Prairie.
With Cellular Power Charge Night, our scientists sought to supplement and support the existing renewing properties of Cellular Power Infusion by utilizing a tag team of power ingredients – a silken, blue-hued oxygen gel with a white, smooth-textured, micro-encapsulating Retinol cream.  A potent retexturizer, La Prairie has enhanced the benefits of Retinol by leaps and bounds by boosting it with oxygen.  Together, these ingredients work overnight with the body in synergy while supporting natural cell turnover and help you wake up to younger looking skin.

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