LAB SERIES @ PRO LS All-In-One Face Treatment

 LAB SERIES launched its PRO LS ALL-IN-ONE Face Treatment and held event recently in Hong Kong with live stream together with Media and fans around Asia. The lightweight, oil-free daily hydrator that helps  soothe, moisturize, repair and mattify skin in a single-step with its quick-absorbing formula that   leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and comfortable.
The new PRO LS instantly helps soothe the look of surface irritation and calm discomfort. With continued use, it helps reduce redness caused by irritation, environmental assaults, shaving, etc. Instantly hydrates skin; relieving tightness, dryness while minimizing the appearance of fine, dry lines. It  provides long term moisturization and barrier repair; replenishing moisture loss due to shaving while helping rebuild skin’s protective barrier for a healthy look. Hence, it helps to repair visible lines and wrinkles on skin’s surface by boosting skin’s natural collagen production. 
Instantly absorbs excess oil and shine while leaving skin with a clean, natural, matte finish and control excess oil on skin’s surface, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and comfortable. with dermatologist tested; Ophthalmologist tested; Non-Acnegenic; Oil-free.
The high tech formula instantly soothes and calms redness and irritation from shaving while potent moisturizers restore moisture back to skin. Simultaneously, PRO LS leaves a shine-free appearance and over time, it helps diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
“Some men only want one product to remember to apply to their skin after shaving but have several skin issues to address,” says Shaunda Swackhamer, Vice President, Product Development for Lab Series Skincare for Men. “The Lab Series PRO LS ALL-IN-ONE FACE TREATMENT provides multiple benefits in one easy to use formula that you can use after shaving or take on the go for whenever you’re feeling dry or shiny.” 

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