PRADA Made To Order Décolleté

PRADA presents the second edition of the Made to Order Décolleté project. Eight décolleté, open toe styles with and without platform, on six heel heights. The materials include: suede, satin, kid, Saffiano print, patent leather, crocodile, ostrich and snakeskin offered in a wide selection of colours.

The iconic Prada prints (octagon, lily and tulip) are available in Saffiano print, patent leather and duchesse satin. For the crocodile and kid styles, there is a choice between either a classic or rosebud print lining.

Once the style, material and colour have been selected, the shoes can be further personalized by choosing the colour of the sole (black, lily-of-the valley or light blue) and having initials added in amber or steel-coloured metal underneath the Prada logo. The packaging is in a choice of iconic prints or a blue box lined with rosebud print to match the shoes. The shoes are delivered approximately 60 days from order.

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