GREAT Food Hall Set To Savour France

Joining in Hong Kong’s ‘Le French GourMay’ celebration, GREAT Food Hall brings the finest flavours of France to adventurous foodies to discover from now until May 21, 2015. 

Kusmi Tea is a long-established brand, originally founded in 1867 in St. Petersburg and named after its Russian founder Pavel Kousmichoff.  Fifty years later, the company relocated to Paris as a result of the Russian Revolution and is today French owned and run with an expanding international presence that includes Hong Kong’s very first dedicated Kusmi tea counter at GREAT. The range comprises unique blends of green, black, red, herbal, wellness and decaf teas, sold in loose-leaf tins, hand-stitched muslin tea bags and gift sets.

Xavier is a famous fromagerie in Toulouse, primarily dedicated to refining traditional and farmhouse cheeses from all over France. The cheeses specially selected for aging are made from unpasteurised milk to preserve the quality and tradition of the farmers and artisans. The refinement process takes place in their own tightly regulated cellars, where temperature, humidity and storage time all play a part in bringing out the best qualities of each cheese.

Being showcased in the French Cheese Platter is an exceptional variety of cow, sheep and goat’s milk soft and hard cheeses, such as Ardi-Gasna, Bleu de Séverac, Comté de Réserve, Coup de Corne, Fleur de Braslou, Ossau, Rocher de Séverac, Tomme de Monsieur Séguin, Tomme du Ségala, and Tomme du Soulor.

French potato chip producer Sibell makes premium crisps with a truly refined taste. Using potatoes grown in France and sunflower oil in the cooking process, the brand has created a range of unusual and upmarket flavours, including black truffle, smoked salmon and typically French foie gras. 

Fabrice Gillotte’s passion for chocolate in all its forms is evident in his avant-garde creations, which are as beautiful as they are delicious. With precision and ingenuity, the classic ingredients combines them with new flavours that result in unique taste sensations earning him many awards in the 30-plus years he has been devoted to artisanal chocolate-making.

Currently highlighted is Amours de Kokeshi, a four-piece collection of Parisian and Tokyo-style dolls in dark and milk chocolate that are filled with almond-hazelnut praliné and vanilla caramel. These come packaged in a custom-designed box in tribute to Le French GourMay.

Fruit has been the focus of the culinary creations made by Les Comtes de Provence since 1986. Traditionally prepared using cauldrons and pure cane sugar to obtain the best of the fruit, its line of jams is completely ‘au naturel’ produced without artificial colours, flavour enhancers, preservatives and GMOs.

The brand’s newest marmalade, Délice d’Orange au Chocolat Bio, combines two complementary flavours : organic orange and chocolate and is so delicious it won the Artisan Gold Award at the 2015 Dalemain Marmalade Festival recently held in the UK.

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