iBLUES x Banana Graffiti @ BANANA à PORTER Limited Edition

iBLUES collaborates with Italian artist and creative director, Marta Grossi, on the distinctive BANANA À PORTER series for this spring and summer. Marta Grossi, who shares iBLUES’ passion in shattering limits on creativity, will bring elements of her signature handicrafts characterized by contemporary art, “Banana Graffiti”, to the series.

The limited series of iBLUES BANANA À PORTER comes in 4 patterns: the passionate “Flamingo Fever”, Marta’s most widely circulated work of art on the Internet; “Manifesto”, “Let's go bananas” and “Tropical Waves”.

The latter three are brand-new and fascinating patterns Marta created especially for this series. The limited-edition apparel includes dresses, skirts, shirts, Twin Set, as well as the all-purpose chic T-shirt. Oozing with teenage girls’ charm, the 13 interesting items of limited-edition clothing are so irresistible that love at first sight is a sure thing.

Marta Grossi is a renowned italian artist and creative director based in Hong Kong. After graduating from the International Graphic School in Venice, Marta started working in Milan and for 10 years she built up her career in Italy and Europe, focusing on luxury designer brands, fashion and communication.

Marta has a unique and original style, she mixes illustrations, digital art and hand techniques by creating bold and eye-catching works. While developing the brand image for leading firms, she has also been improving her own experience in fine arts. In 2010 Marta presented her first solo exhibition in Milan. From then on she has been displaying her works worldwide. Her projects have been published by well-known magazines. Less than one year ago Marta created the Banana Graffiti project, an impressive, brilliant and unconventional art idea.

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