CASA LISBOA Introduces Brand New Portuguese Menu

Casa Lisboa introduces its brand new Portuguese menu by its new Chef Edgar Alves with a more authentic in flavors and ensuring traditional Portuguese dishes are resurrected with a creative touch to arouse new delight. Since its opening in mid-2010, Casa Lisboa was quickly recognized as the best and authentic Portuguese restaurant in town. Chef Alves has created a set of menu that combines the traditional Portuguese cuisine with a modern presentation with many high quality specialty products directly from Portugal including the seasonal baby sardines and the lberico pork tenderloin.

With over 18 years of experience, Chef alves started his career at Hotel Pestana Palacio, a 5 star hotel, in Lisbon. Chef alves had also worked with Aime Barroyer, a Michelin starred chef and was the apprentice of Paul Bocuse. Chef Alves later moved across Portugal, working for many notable hotels like Casino Lisboa Hotel and Hotel do Lago Montargil.  He had also worked outside of Portugal and had been the executive chef at the Vila Verda and Kartoffelkaelderen and selected to represent Portugal in 2002, 2004, and 2008 to compete in IKA Culinary Olympics, a renowned chef competition in the world.

<Traditional Creamy Bacalhau Cassoulet>
Bacalhau gets the limelight in Portuguese cuisine. Chef Alves reinterpreted this traditional dish and presented now as an appetizer. The baked bacalhau with chopped onions, potatoes, and just the right amount of cream, brings out richness of bacalhau. The dish is cooked with traditional Portuguese copper pot, accompanied by some toasts, exuding the flavor of traditional Portuguese dishes.

<Classic Codfish Cakes>
Bacalhau, which is dried salted cod, is a representative of the Portuguese national dish. This classic dish is a combination of Bacalhau and potatoes, cooked in a classic style. At Casa Lisboa, the chef increases the proportion of Bacalhau to 60%, so that there is a hint of the chewy and silky Bacalhau meat in every bite. The savory of Bacalhau, the fresh parsley and the homemade garlic mayonnaise is a perfect match.

<“Santos Populares” Style Baby Sardines>
This dish is named after the famous festival ”Santos Populares” that takes place in Portugal every June. It is also a traditional dish for the festival. Juicy baby sardines imported from Portugal are fried until crispy on the outside, served on toast and sweet bell pepper. The different textures and tastes of the 3 layers give customers a memorable experience right after one bite.

<Traditional Roasted Suckling Pig “Bairrada” Style>
This is the restaurant's signature dish, also a famous Portuguese dish. 2-month old piglets are selected and  marinates according to the ancient Bairrada recipe for one day, then grills it for 3 hours until crispy and tender. The side dish of rice is cooked with suckling pig liver and chouriço. To add a fresh accent flavor, try brushing the pig against the orange slices before eating. A truly Portueguese culinary sensation.

<Poached Fresh Atlantic Cod with Roasted Tomato and Herbs>
The cod fish is cooked with olive oil under low temperature, which helps keep its freshness, natural color and tenderness.  The sweet sauce made from fresh tomatoes, harmonizes perfectly with the cod fish.

<Baked Portuguese Duck Rice Old Style>
The broth for cooking the rice is stewed with fresh duck bones. While the duck meats are hand-shredded and put in the rice and then baked until golden. The combination of the slightly crispy rice, with the rich duck essence taste just delicious.

<Iberico Pork Tenderloin and Mushroom Juicy Rice>
This is a dish inspired by a traditional family recipe of Chef Edgar. The top layer is the juicy and tender Iberico pork tenderloin. The bottom layer is the rice cooked in a traditional family style, with asparagus and carrots, which represents a childhood memory of Chef Edgar's home in the forest.

<Traditional Seafood “Cataplana” Stew>
 All ingredients are placed into the traditional copper pot “Cataplana” to slow cook for 15 minutes. The sealed method of cooking keeps the freshness of the seafood. The orangey spicy broth is the essence from the great variety of the seafood. A must order!

The cozy ambience decorated with Portuguese pavement with black and white wave pattern. The walls are covered with copper pots, colorful handicrafts from Portugal, as well as the paintings that depict the local lives in Lisbon. Together with the famous Portuguese blue and white ceramic tiles, Casa Lisboa provides a total immersion experience into the Portuguese culture as well as extensive selections of Portuguese wines, ranging from red, white, green, porto and even beer, all are imported directly from Portugal.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5

Highlights :
Baked Portuguese Duck Rice Old Style
Traditional Seafood “Cataplana” Stew
Iberico Pork Tenderloin and Mushroom Juicy Rice

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33 Wyndham Street 
Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2905 1168 

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