PRADA 2015 Eyewear Collection

PRADA is synonymous with a style that has often anticipated and dictated aesthetic trends. Innovative spirit, curiosity and strong artisan traditions are the tangible signs of the brand’s values that pervade the entire manufacturing process, from creation to shop floor. The women collection rigorous designs and geometric shapes, bold volumes and oversize frames inspired blend of contrasting elements.

The new Prada glasses for women evoke a retro flair, combining essential lines with a creative touch that is conveyed by the models’ original details and expert manufacturing techniques. Large, unmistakable geometric shapes do not leave room for stylistic irregularity, while the frames flaunt thick, bold profiles.

Rigor blends with sensuality, giving life to skillfully crafted models. The Prada Machine special fashion show glasses feature perforated metal elements which are perfectly balanced by sinuous shapes, for a feminine yet contemporary style.

The new Prada Ornate collection is another tribute to creativity, represented by glamorous ornaments revisited with a contemporary flair. The array of sparkling stones of the previous models gives way to a compelling combination of metal studs, turning the new glasses into unique creations. The new models of the Prada Journal collection, instead, flaunt a sober design and tapered profiles, reflecting the classic and clean-cut style.

The Men Collection is a perfect combination of post-industrial and 1960s inspirations, evoked by a classic, essential aesthetic. A clean-cut design, geometric shapes and metal elements: the new eyewear collection showcases classic, sober pieces that emphasize the creativity and experimentation behind each and every detail.

The Prada Machine special models feature a linear design reinterpreted with a contemporary twist, blending austere shapes with sophisticated post-industrial inspired metal frames. The new models of the Prada Journal collection soften and evolve, flaunting tapered profiles and an ultra-lightweight feel. This is highlighted by skilful manufacturing techniques and premium materials.

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