HANJAN @ Modern Korean Concept Restaurant & Bar Opens In Lan Kwai Fong

HANJAN, a modern Korean concept restaurant and bar opens in Lan Kwai Fong, Central recently. HANJAN is a Korean term meaning ‘one shot’; it is often used in sentences such as “Let's have a drink” or “Let’s drink one more glass”. Yet, in such prime location, it offers a classy and unique hangout in the neighborhood. The restaurant is designed to create a lively and unique dining experience. There are two contrasting areas: the bar displaying over a hundred different drink selections and the dining area with vast glass windows overlooking the vibrant streets of Lai Kwan Fong. HANJAN opens until 1am on weekdays and 4am on Friday and Saturday, a perfect option for late night party goers and night owls.

A VIP room seats up to eight with private washroom facilities is also available. The relaxing color scheme of quiet greens, cool greys and light brown, mixed with touches of metals and glass make the interior space sleek and modern with a touch of sexiness. Elements of light woods in the dining furniture added a perfect touch of warmth, creating a rustic yet open feel to the space. The full-wall mural together with the abundance green tree specially imported from Korea lighten things up and add a sense of artistry and creativity. HANJAN serves morden Korean fusion food with numerous signature dishes designed and prepared to cater for the fuzzy buds.

<Kimato Cheese Ball>
Kimchi and fresh mozzarella cheese stuffed inside a tomato is the perfect demonstration of Italian-Korean fusion cuisine. The soft mozerella cheese, fresh tomatoes and home-made kimchi come together in surprising harmony for a unique and refreshing taste.

Great presentation and a true fusion combination and ingredient used. We love that tomato skin was peel to create a more continental culinary effect.

Korean steak tarter, is an all time Korean culinary classic. The chef selects only the most tender cuts of beef and seasons it with a special blend of spices and sauces to create a taste that sets HANJAN a class above the competition. 

Despite the beef was stripped in the traditional Korean way for more bites and chewy purposes. We still prefer if it is diced unless different parts of the meat is used for for best bite. Can't taste much of the Korean's pear condiment, it may not be the best of the season and lacking of sesame oil and sesame seed fragrance.

<Flying Nachos>
Kimchi, Tomato & bulgogi nachos

This dish can hardly goes wrong once the get the sauce right. An alternative version of Tex Mex Nachos that makes the best company for beers. A plain flavored nachos prefered.

<Chili Gejang>
An appetizer dish of imported raw crab marinated in cold, tangy and mind tingling chili paste. For "shasimi" lover, this is the alternative dish you won't want to miss. 

 We find it rather too raw for us but the marinated sauce is rather appetizing.  

<Mussel Stew>
Mussel stew with Kimchi tomato

The Kimchi stock base does make a different in this seafood stew. Do ask for extra pepper or chili if you prefer a spicy experience. A best alternative for the traditional Kimchi soup.

<Mozzie Ribs>
These baby back ribs are slow grilled to a tender and sweet finish, then glazed with a layer of molten cheese and corn.

The rib was grilled in perfect tenderness and yet the molten cheese has given not much effect for the combination nor adding much flavour to enhance the baby rib. Best go without dipping with the cheese. The corn doesn't do much work either.

<Fried Chicken With Four Sauce>
Korean fried spring chicken with Korean soy sauce, cream cheese, honey mustard and sweet & sour sauce.

Thanks to the Korean TV drama series that stirred up the heat of serving this dish in just almost every Korean restaurants and eateries now. A rather disappointing dish as the chicken was rather poorly marinated and the highlights of the four different sauces is rather too ordinary.

<HANJAN Octopus> 
Another signature seafood dish of the restaurant. The chef’s skillful control when frying the Korean wild octopus creates a crispy yet tenderized and juicy sensation.

We find this dish rather dry and less tasty and was presented in a less warmer temperature.

<Fist of Fury>
A slow cooked pork knuckle dish with a blend of 11 Korean herbs is presented in a classy candle tea light chafing serving dish to keep the food at the perfect temperature while you marvel at the chef’s attention to details.

Hard work always pay. A well marinated pork knuckle. This is one of the most anticipated dishes in HANJAN. Love the name. Be fierce!

An ambitious mix of ingredients can also be found in the drinks menu. HANJAN is the first and only Korea restaurant in Hong Kong to import authentic Korean draft beer <Hite Draft>. Produced in Yeongdeunhpo-gu, Seoul and brewed from barley malt and rice, it is sweet and golden, with thin body and light taste. A wide range of house-made cocktails are available: 

<Kimchi Fizz> 
A sour and spicy cocktail that is spiced with special Kimchi infused Vodka, lemon and lime juice, fresh egg white and a touch of Tabasco.

Tangy, exotic and refreshing. Mind the name and just open your mouth and slurp the kimchi and have a big sip.

<Jinro Spring>
A delicious light cocktail that is mixed with jinro and filled with mint, honey aloe, lime juice and finished with elderflower tonic and yellow chartreuse for a refreshing and delicate flora note.

An easy summer drinks. If you are a light drinker, this would be your ideal option.

<Banana Split>
Spiced Rum, Banana Puree, Chain milk and Milk.

Sounds and taste more like the breakfast ritual with alcohol, never too early. Bottoms Up!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5

Highlights :


G/F, 4 – 5 Wo On Lane, 
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2408 6000

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